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Why I Like to Read

By Adam Levitan



Do you sometimes like to grab a book to escape from all the craziness around you? To learn new things? Or, just to relax? Well, I sure do and reading is the perfect way to do just that! 


Introduction; How I became a reader

When did I first learn to read you might wonder? Well, I can honestly say that I’ve been reading books since I was a baby. A baby? Yes! My first collection of books were board books, books with hard paperboard pages. My mom and dad would read books to me all the time and at night they would leave one or two board books in my crib so if I woke up before them, I had something to keep me busy. I would look at the pictures, turn the pages and make up my own story, in baby language of course that nobody could really understand! Books also came everywhere with us, literally. I even had waterproof books I took in the bath! Crazy if you ask me! I was surrounded by books and I really do think this is why I like reading so much.  


Point 1 

Reading is one of my favourite things to do. Reading is a great way to relax., it helps you expand your mind and teaches you how to see things from other people’s point of view. Reading helps me learn about the world I live in. It also helps me learn new vocabulary which then helps make my writing more interesting, I think! I read everywhere; on the couch, in my hammock, in my bed, on the beach, and in the car on long trips. I also read if I’m waiting for someone because I hate waiting and it helps pass the time. I guess you could say I’m always reading! When I’m reading, I tune everything out around me. It really frustrates my parents when they’re trying to get my attention. Sometimes I answer with a random yes or no just to get them to stop bothering me. This does get me into a lot of trouble though especially if I’ve agreed to things I don’t even know I’ve agreed to!  


Point 2; Multiple types of books

My collection of books is filled with different types of books like adventure, science, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, history, biographies and autobiographies. Adventure books are my favorite type of books. I like to imagine I’m part of the adventure. I like the excitement and suspense! In my free time, I love going to the bookstore to get new books for my collection. I order books from Amazon too and I always ask for books for my birthday. It takes time to go to the library but it’s a good low cost option, so is sharing books or trading books with friends. I like to do that too but it hasn’t been possible over the past year because of the Covid – 19 virus. I much prefer owning my own books anyway, if I can because I like to reread them in case I missed something the first time. I think about one day having a room in my house of just books, like a library. That would be awesome!


Point 3 – Books come in many forms

My collection of books is also a mixture of hard cover, paperback, audio, kindle, kobo, box sets, special editions, and limited editions. When I was a toddler, with teeth, we got these really cool baby books called Indestructables that are 100% rip proof, chew proof and washable! But whatever the form, I  prefer a book, “a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers.” 


Conclusion – Why reading is good for you;

Looks like I’m out of time, I hope you can now better understand why I love reading and why you might like reading too if you don’t already. Remember, it’s a great way to learn new things, a great way to relax and to escape the craziness around you and something you can do anytime, anywhere. I really hope my words have inspired you to START READING OR TO KEEP ON READING!

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