Minecraft and School. A short “story” By: AdamL.

Minecraft and School. A short “story” By: AdamL.


So in class a while back, we read an article on Minecraft and how it’s related to school and how it’s related to the online learning we were doing back in March to summer break.
Here is the article we read in The Washington Post if you want to read it too.

So some of you people reading this blog post may be thinking, ‘What is Minecraft anyways?!’. Well here is my description on what Minecraft is. I will try not to make it too detailed or too long for you guys. Although I really like to add detail and normally that makes it SUUUUPER long! 🙂

Minecraft is a video game where you can build anything you want in Creative Mode and you will have access to all the blocks(excluding some where you need commands to get.). AND YOU CAN FLY!! In Survival Mode you start off with nothing and you will also, need to do your best to survive like it’s name. Although you will not have access to every block in survival. You must MINE the blocks yourself to get the blocks and you can store them in your inventory or in some chests(Which you can craft.). You can also CRAFT things using some of the blocks or items you have acquired in order to make new items, tools, armour, blocks… Now you can see why it’s called MINECRAFT.

So if you read the article it says how Minecraft is related to the online learning we were doing for a while, and I am here to tell you: How is Minecraft RELATED to learning in school and online/at home. How we can INCLUDE Minecraft in learning at school and online/at home. How can we USE Minecraft in learning at school and online/at home.

Minecraft’s Relation
Minecraft is related to all the online learning we were doing because Minecraft is a fun game and if you sign in with a Microsoft account you will get access to multiplayer, servers, and a friends list. And it will save your things so if you accidently delete Minecraft and you had a Microsoft account signed in on it, it will save your things so next time when you get Minecraft back and sign back in with your Microsoft account it will get your things back like worlds for example. And the online learning we were doing with our classes is similar to the Minecraft multiplayer option that you can do.

Minecraft’s Inclusion
There is also Education Edition Minecraft(Minecraft[MC] EDU) which allows you to have access to different things like, certain blocks ONLY available for MC EDU, chemistry things like items on the periodic table, posters, and LOTS of other things that you can read more about HERE. Credit to minecraft.gamepedia.com for lots of these hyperlinks to their amazing wiki, go check it out. And I don’t think learning about chemistry would be as fun as learning it in Minecraft where you don’t need to worry about injuring yourself or other things…

Minecraft’s Use

We can use Minecraft to build things that we couldn’t build in real life, learn in a fun way, and with other students too. Minecraft multiplayer can allow you to play with your classmates in the same world as you! You can build together, have fun together, and enjoy learning and building in an amazingly fun way too. Minecraft should be incorporated into teaching now, because then lots more students would be able to enjoy learning EVEN MORE!! 😀

Thank you for listening to my opinion on Minecraft and school. 🙂

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